Membership Information

Section 1. Eligibility
Membership is open to all students. NSTA-CMU, a registered student organization of Central Michigan University, strongly and actively strives to increase diversity and provide equal opportunity within the organization. NSTA-CMU does not discriminate in membership eligibility against persons based on age, color, disability, gender, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight. A student is defined as an individual in good standing who is enrolled in course work leading to
an appropriate degree. NSTA encourages diverse membership.
Section 2. Dues
The student executive board shall determine annual dues, if any, for members. Dues apply to executive board members as well.
Section 3. Privileges
Any active member shall be entitled to vote, hold office, participate in discussions, and otherwise receive chapter benefits and materials, including reimbursement for NSTA-CMU sponsored conferences.
Section 4. Active Membership
Those eligible for active membership will:
a) Attend seventy-five percent of the meetings or check out videos pertaining to seventy-five percent of the meetings. Videos may be checked out of the IMC in Ronan Hall
b) Pay the set amount of dues.
c) Participate actively in the fundraising of the organization and serve on one of the following two committees;
1. Public RelationsProgram
d) Participate in extra planned events sponsored by NSTA-CMU at a minimum of five (5) hours or two activities (whichever applies).
Section 5. Inactive Membership
Those eligible for inactive membership include individuals who are unable to meet the requirements for active membership because of extenuating circumstances. However, inactive members are still required to pay the same amount of dues as active members. These individuals will still receive NSTA publications and be informed of upcoming events.
Section 6. Members Enrolled in Student Teaching
For individuals who are student teaching and meet the requirements for Inactive membership, NSTA-CMU will include these individuals in its effort to receive conference funding. This does not promise full or partial reimbursement, merely that these members will be treated as active members for the sake of conference reimbursement.